Montag, 16. Dezember 2013

Denim Short Jacket

Denim Short Jacket by gergana
  • 3 Recolorable Areas
  • Cant be used with every Accessory Top
  • Young Addult/Addult, Everyday, Formal, Outwear
  • 3 Styles CAS and Launcher Tumbnail
  • Sims3Pack and package avidable
Mesh by Icia23, Grey top by JS Sims3, Net top by vonFregeINC, Hairs by Simmerstore, Newseasims, Skysims, Pants by Shai - Sims3 Factory & Orange-Sim, Skirt by All About Style, Shoes by Pixicat, MA$ims3 & Raynes Factory, Necklaces and 3D Lashes by S-Club

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