Samstag, 16. Juni 2012

Gaia Bellucci

Non Default Frecklace Skin by Ephemera, Browns by Softrain, Eyeliner by Pralinesims TSR, Lips by Gosik TSR, Eyes N30 by Tifa, Casual by Icia23 TSR, Shoes by MA$ims3, Earrings and Ring by S-Club Privèe, Bracallet by Liana Sims3, Nails by Pralinesims TSR, Formal by Harmonia09 TSR, Bracalett by Lorandiasims, Earrings, Ring and Nails by NataliS TSR, Atletik Top by Icia23 TSR, Swimsuit by miraminkova TSR

Sonntag, 10. Juni 2012

Caroline Forbes from The Vampire Diaries

Caroline Forbes (Candice Accola) from The Vampire Diaries

CREDITS: Skin Ephemera, Browns & Eyes by Sasha.J, Eyeshadow Gosik TSR, Eyeliner Softrain, Lips S-Club Privee, Hair PeggyZone, Casual by Icia23 TSR, Shoes Icia Designs, Leggings All About Style, Earrings MASims3, Ring & Neklace NataliS TSR, Bracallet & NAils Lorandiasims3, Formal Dress TSR by Cbon73, Neklace by Newseasims, Earrings & Ring Natalis TSR, Bracallet & Nails Lorandiasims3, Hair Newsea Sims, Sleep Outfit Saliwa TSR

Alessya Campillo

CREDITS: Skin Ephemera, Eyebrowns & Beautyspots Pralinesims TSR, Eyeliner Softrain, Lips S-Club Privee, Eyes Tifa, Casual Outfit by Simsimay TSR, Shoes by alte127 TSR, Piercing IN3S, Earrings All by Glaza, Nails Lorandiasims3, Bracallet by Lorandiasims3, Neklace Natalis TSR, Tatoos GaGa Store, Formal Accessoires Natalis TSR & Lorandiasims3, Sleep Outfit by Newseasims

Freitag, 1. Juni 2012

Coralie Russo

Non Default Frecklace Skin by Ephemera, Hair and Formal Hair by Skysims TSR, Browns & Eyeliner Softrain, Lips N 9 S-Club Lenses Lemonleaf, Casual Icia23 TSR, Leggings Icia by CStyles, Bracelet & Nails Lorandiasims3, Ring Natalis TSR, Formal Dress by Saliwa TSR, Schuhe Cbon73 TSR, Earrings, Ring, Bracelet NataliS TSR, Neclace Newseasims, Dessouse Icia Designs, Nabel Piercings Lorandiasims3, Sport-Top Icia23 TSR, Swimwear Harmonia09 TSR